Monogamy. We’ve heard of this; I’ll bet it’s been the norm for most of us.

You know that friend of yours that has threesomes with his girlfriend and other women from time-to-time?

Or that couple that flirts with others shamelessly, but never goes beyond a make-out session?

Or maybe you’ve been in a LDR (long distance relationship) that operates on a ‘don’t-ask-don’t-tell’ basis?

Or maybe you’d enjoy the occasional sex party where you and your partner get to put up a sexy show without ever touching anyone else?

These are just a few examples of what some people may call “monogamish.”

The term was first used by Dan Savage to describe a model of relationship often seen between gay male couples: occasional sexual interactions with someone(s) outside your main partner. Savage calls these “occasional infidelities” which are disclosed between partners.

10 years after the words inception, we live in a different world where Tinder profiles clearly state: “28, gemini, pan, poly.” And in a world where we acknowledge polyamorous relationships, there leaves room for monogamish.

“I’ve never had a monogamish relationship. I’ve always been too ‘out there’ to be satisfied with only ‘a little bit of open’.

But most people are not nearly as nonmonogamous as I am.

Nor are they fully monogamous.

They are somewhere in between.

So the most authentic relationship format for most people would be something in between. Not complete monogamy. But not full-blown polyamory or wild orgies every weekend either.

No research has ever tested this hypothesis.

No one has even dared to propose it.” – Dr. Zhana

We defined monogamish. Now what?

(We didn’t really define it because guess what? It’s whatever YOU want it to be.)

You may be thinking to yourself: “This sounds intriguing! How do I start doing this with my partner?!”

Or you may be thinking: “If my partner ever wanted to do this, I would freak. OUT.”

But maybe you just want to learn more about this “in-between” type of relationship, hear different perspectives on the topic, or listen to a few stories from couples who’ve done this successfully (and some cautionary tales too).

However you feel about this concept, this weird mashup of words that resonates with so many people…

This is Uncensored. 

Experience it for yourself… if you’re ready.

Or keep watching, my precious voyeur, from the sidelines.

We will be here, getting better and better with each event.

Until next time and with love,

Femmeish Feminist