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Open relationships are not for everyone - but my upcoming course can help you learn if they're right for you! I also send the occasional non-annoying email so you can stay up to date with some fascinating sex science and education.

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  • NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova is New York City’s own ‘Master of Sex’.

  • I call Dr. Zhana the “archangel of sex positivity.” She’s an amazing sex educator because she has the ability to translate complex sex research in a way that’s fun and never judgmental, and in the process has made so many people–including myself–feel less shame about their sexy and slutty desires.

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The Science of Sex Podcast

The Science of Sex Podcast

Listen to comedian, Joe Pardavila, and I sit down each week with a new sex researcher to talk about the latest information on anything and everything to do with sex.


19 hours ago

You wrote; "Few people would disagree that the best sex is one in which everyone involved is enthusiastically consenting to it."
I'm inclined to disagree. I've found, with several partners where we have built trusting relationships, that some of my partners LIKE to be pushed to do things that they do not "enthusiastically consent" to. Many peak experiences, like jumping out of an airplane, or riding camels in the desert, are things that one might agree too somewhat reluctantly with a trusted partner. They may turn out to be amazing, but without experience, you can barely give "informed consent", and if being a bit frightened is a part of your sexual arousal, enthusiastic consent might even detract from that.
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3 days ago

Dr Zhana

Need another reason to support comprehensive sex education in high school? Get this--a new study with a sample of 1,670 college students finds that those who received comprehensive sex ed that included instructions on how to refuse unwanted sex were less likely to experience sexual assault in college. Receiving abstinence-only education, on the other hand, was *not* protective against sexual assault. The takeaway? Sexual assault prevention needs to begin earlier, and successful prevention before college should complement prevention efforts once students enter college.
#legitsexscience #sexscience #sexresearch #sexsciencenews
link to study: ow.ly/vuyv30mV35v
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