Amber Rose’s Comments About Bisexual Men Reveal a Common Stereotype

Last week, Amber Rose commented on her discomfort around dating bisexual men while on Dr. Chris Donaghue’s “Loveline” podcast. Is this a common sentiment among women who date men? As a matter a fact, it is. Especially when it comes to a long-term relationships. See, for example, this study. Although, as this other study shows, unwillingness to date bisexuals
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🐨 💦 Koala Orgasm: Put a ring 💍 🍆 on it

Check out this guest post by my business partner, Kenneth Play, about the amazing LELO TOR™ 2! …. Fear is one of the most common responses from men when I encourage them to incorporate toys into their playtime. Men often have the false belief that if they incorporate toys in play, they’re incompetent or can’t satisfy a woman
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Asexuals’ Fantasies, Attraction to Trans Women, Sex and Your Verbal SAT score, and more: #LegitSexScience Show

Hi everyone, Here’s a recap of what we talked about on this week’s Legit Sex Science Show on Periscope and Facebook Live (Tuesdays, 11am-1pm New York time), with info and links to all the sex research studies and sex products we discussed. And if you’d rather watch Dr. Zhana than read here, the Periscope replay is
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Free Video Tutorial for Blended Squirting Orgasms! by Kenneth Play

My business partner, Kenneth Play, made a free, full-length instructional video about how to use two of my absolute favorite sex toys –the Njoy Pure Wand and the LELO Smart Wand— together for the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced. What’s more, he’ll show you where to get these “stocking stuffers” so you can experience this
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The Best $25 You Ever Spent for a Hookup

As many of you may know, my greatest passion in life is sharing with people accurate sexual knowledge and empowering them to have more authentic, more pleasurable, safer sex lives, especially when it comes to casual sex. This is why I am particularly excited to share The Adventure Kit with you, the result of my collaboration with sex hacker Kenneth Play (and the
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The Orgasm Gap, and How to Bridge It

The orgasm gap between men and women is pretty staggering. Across a representative sample of Americans, for example, over 90% of men of all ages reported having an orgasm during their most recent partnered sex compared to only about 65% of women. Furthermore, while over 85% of men report orgasming often (more than 75% of
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Sex Science Social: Play Parties Event on Dec 1st!

If I go to a play party, I’ll definitely get an STI. Sex parties are playgrounds for sexual assault and rape. People who go to sex parties can’t have serious, emotional relationships. Every day we are bombarded with inaccurate, moralistic, and pseudo-scientific information and advice about sex and relationships. How do you figure out what’s
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Watch ‘El Cazador de Cerebros’ episode starting Saturday, Nov. 26!

Recently, I did an interview with Pere Estupinyà about sex and society for the TV program ‘El Cazador de Cerebros’. Check out the episode, which will be live streamed on Saturday, November 26, at 19:45 CET.  If you can’t watch it live, you can still watch it online from Sunday onwards here!
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