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The internet is full of misinformation and hype dressed up as "guidance" on squirting and female ejaculation. Nearly all of it comes from people who are not scientists and have not done proper research.

In The 20 Scientific Secrets Of Squirting, Dr. Zhana ("the Andrew Huberman of sex"), synthesizes all the peer-reviewed studies on squirting, her own data on 8,000 squirters and their partners, and anecdotal evidence from her extensive personal experience into a 52-page guide.

Cut through the BS and dispel the delusions. Get clear, scientific answers to the 20 most frequently-asked questions (graphs, tables, and real people's quotes included) about the elusive, misunderstood, sometimes orgasmic phenomenon of squirting.

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Compiled from the Highest Quality Peer-Reviewed Research

I read nearly 100 peer-reviewed academic research articles on the topics of squirting and female ejaculationThis guide only includes information from the studies with the highest standards.

Want to go even deeper? Your guide includes 8 pages of annotated citations.

Preliminary Findings from the World's Largest Survey on Squirting

In January 2020, my former business partner and I conducted a survey on 8,000 (potential) squirters and their partners. Participants spanned the spectrum of ages, races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Read the guide to get early access to our preliminary findings.

Uncensored Insights from Dr. Zhana's (Many) Personal Experiences

I don't just talk the “sex and relationships talk" from the ivory tower of academia.

Over nearly three decades of fearless explorations, I’ve visited and played in nearly every corner of the sexual and relationship universe. I’m not afraid or ashamed to share my wealth of direct experience with you.

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Meet Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

I'm a sex and relationships researcher, writer, adjunct professor at New York University, and consultant helping people of all relationship configurations make smarter decisions about their sex and love lives.

There is SO MUCH censorship and misinformation about sex and love. I hate seeing people not living their best lives because they don’t have clear, scientifically-rooted knowledge and guidance.

So I’ve made it my mission to build science-based tools anyone can use to design the sexual and romantic life of your fantasies ...without sacrificing your integrity or well-being.

This guide is a part of that ongoing effort. I hope you enjoy it.

Dr Zhana

What you Can expect to learn

What is squirting?

And how is it different from female ejaculation? 

How common is squirting, anyway?

Until very recently, the starts weren't there. We finally have a reliable answer!

Can everyone squirt?

Or, at least, can they learn to?

Does squirting even feel good?

Survey says....(read the guide to find out!)

Is squirting a sign of an orgasm? 

The science may surprise you!

Are squirting orgasms superior to regular orgasms?

Hear from regular squirters on the matter

What are the best sex toys for squirting?

There are lots of different toys that can help you get there! We did the research and documented the winners.

What to do about the mess?

Squirting can make A LOT of it. Discover the best ways to keep your sheets (and bedroom walls?) pristine.

plus: 12 more science-backed answers, charts, graphs, and quotes


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"Dr. Zhana's course was a game-changer for me. Her expertise in human sexuality not only cleared my long-held misconceptions but also opened a new world of understanding and confidence in my personal life. Her teachings are a blend of scientific rigor and practical wisdom, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Highly recommend to anyone seeking genuine insights into their sexuality."                                                                                                       - Jonathan

"I also REALLY LOVED the Workbook, I think it's packed with very good resources and information. It's such an awesome resource to have forever, I will keep going back to it whenever I run into anything new."                           - Emily

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