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You wanted ‘more,’ but things got ‘messy.’

You opened your relationship, seeking more excitement, deeper connections, and the liberating thrill of transcending traditional boundaries.

But what you’ve found are sleepless nights riddled with jealousy, breached agreements, and conversations that feel like walking through a minefield.

You traded the monogamous comfort zone for an adventurous odyssey, but now you find yourself on the brink of an emotional apocalypse.

Was this all a big mistake?

You find yourself asking:

“What happened to us?”

“Are we just not cut out for this open love business?”

“Was opening our relationship a massive mistake?”

You’re probably wrong about the overall choice being a massive mistake, but you are making mistakes.

You’re not alone. You’re navigating a complex and unfamiliar relationship landscape with a primitive compass, no clear map or guideposts, and few other travelers to show you the way. Of course you’re making mistakes – most people do.

Doing nonmonogamy is a bit like playing with fire.

It can be exhilarating and electrifying but also dangerous and destructive if not handled with care.

An unhealthy open relationship doesn’t just strain your partnership. It bleeds into every aspect of your life, from your performance at work to your self-esteem and even your physical health.

The reverse is also true. A thriving, ethical, open relationship can be the wind beneath your wings, propelling you both to new personal and professional heights.

Just like it’s not impossible to play with fire, it’s not impossible to thrive in nonmonogamy, you just need to have the tools and skills to do it safely.

Crack the ‘Nonmonogamy Code’.

No more ‘figuring it out as you go,’ no more painful lessons learned through heartbreaking experiences.

With my science-based Love Smarter™ framework, you’ll cut through the confusion, gaining clarity about your relationship options, how to pick the best one for you, and how to do it well.

It’s like getting a master’s degree in your love life in far less time and with much less heartache.

Don’t leave your relationship to chance.

Why gamble with one of the most vital aspects of your life?

I can help you customize a roadmap that puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your relationship journey.

Together, we’ll design a relationship structure tailored to your unique personality, life circumstances, and even career aspirations.

Navigate nonmonogamy without the pitfalls of blind trial-and-error. Reclaim your emotional energy to chase your other dreams too.

Ready to Trade Relationship Chaos for Relationship Bliss?

Don’t let another day pass entrapped in emotional turmoil.

Let’s customize your love life to work for you, not against you.

Take the first step toward a lifetime of fulfilling, safe, ethical nonmonogamy.

Your dream love life is waiting for you.

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