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Win a $50 Lingerie Gift Card from The T-Bar!

thetbar1Gents (and some ladies), have you ever bought lingerie for a woman in your life and it turned to be the wrong size or the wrong style? Ladies, have you been gifted lingerie that didn’t fit your body or personality? It sucks, right?

The T-Bar is a new service promising to change this: They’ve developed a “Build Your Babe” system that will help you find the right size (even if you don’t know her exact measurements) and the right style. By using this method, the T-Bar claims, you can substantially lower your error and your partner’s dissatisfaction rates.

And to kick this off, they are offering two $50 gift cards (plus free shipping) for my Periscope audience and the readers of my blog. How to participate in this giveaway?

Here are the rules:

1. Go to and build your babe;

2. Take a screenshot of your favorite piece(s);

3. Post the photo on your IG or Twitter (whichever platform you use more);

4. Tag @drzhana & @thetbar in your photo & caption (same handles on both platforms);

5. Use hashtag #getthetbar;

6. Max 3 posts per person;

7. Tune in to my Periscope broadcast on Wed (Oct 21) evening EST to chose the lucky winner!

And if you don’t want to wait for the giveaway, you can just go shopping anytime. Use code “drzhana” at checkout for 15% off any purchases.

This is a new project and they’re still trying to perfect it. If you interact with the website and have any feedback, please email [email protected]


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