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Urban Dictionary: Zhana

Have you ever looked up your name on Urban Dictionary?

I just looked up mine last night, and this is what I found.

1. Zhana

Unique name, just like her. Super ah!mazing. She is wonderful. Colorful, wears what she wants. Self-confident and Beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have her. Wears makeup, doesn’t need it. Not too tall, but that doesn’t matter. Zhana totally rocks.

Boy 1: “So you gonna hook up with that girl, dude?”
Boy 2: “I dunno. She doens’t seem like a Zhana to me.”

2. Zhana

a wonderful a-mase-ing person who is a great friend that you will keep around forever a easy to love person who is beautiful and has a smile that lights up a room

girl 1: she is such a zhana
girl 2: i know i want to be just like her

3. Zhana

a sexy lady with a unique name
usually dark-skinned and dark haired
Very smart and diplomatic, romantic, and easygoing
One of the best to hang out and date
She’s so hot! She’s definitely a Zhana!

Wasn’t that an ego boost? And also sexy enough to post it here, hehe… Thank you, Urban Dictionary!
Look up your name! Maybe you’ll find something just as sexy? 🙂

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