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The Good, The Bad, and Polyamory – The Science of Sex Podcast Ep. 37!

The Good, the Bad, the Polyamory

Goes Deeper

Nonmonogamy often gets a bad rep in our society, but also in academia. A lot of research conducted on polyamory has been biased, which shows a clear stigma among researchers. This makes it difficult to have clear and accurate statistics about nonmonogamy and open relationships. Thankfully, there are some studies out there that attempt to analyze this bias and why it occurs. This week, we had Amy Moors on to talk about a recent study that she co-authored on this subject!

Amy C. Moors, is the Director of the Social Science Research and Evaluation Program at Purdue University’s College of Engineering and a Research Fellow at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute. This fall she’s honored to join Chapman University’s Department of Psychology as an assistant professor. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. Dr. Moors’s research addresses the impact of inequity on people’s belonging, well-being, and satisfaction in intimate and professional contexts. In one line of research, she studies diverse expressions of sexuality. In her other line of research, she examines strategies for promoting equity in higher education. Dr. Moors has published more than 40 articles and chapters related to gender, sexuality, close relationships, and social inequalities. Recently, she was recognized by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality as a “Rising Scholar.”


SKYN Condoms unveiled a new survey of 4000 people designed to analyze the behaviors, attitudes and preferences of sexually active millennials. The results showed that despite what people may claim, there is still heavy stigma against women who have multiple sexual partners. Also, fewer millennials are using dating apps, and women are (still) more likely to fake an orgasm versus men. Finally. it showed that older millennials are getting kinky – using toys like anal beads, handcuffs, and whips in bed.


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