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The Best $25 You Ever Spent for a Hookup

As many of you may know, my greatest passion in life is sharing with people accurate sexual knowledge and empowering them to have more authentic, more pleasurable, safer sex lives, especially when it comes to casual sex. This is why I am particularly excited to share The Adventure Kit with you, the result of my collaboration with sex hacker Kenneth Play (and the rest of my team at the The Casual Sex Project) and our absolutely favorite sex-positive sex store, the The Pleasure Chest!

The Adventure Kit is designed to make your hook-up adventures safer, fresher, and more pleasurable. Based on all the #LegitSexScience we’ve reviewed, and all the Casual Sex Project stories we have read, we believe you’ll find this kit a must-have accessory to all your hookups.


This essential kit comes with: With everything you need for the night, it’s the best $25 you ever spent for a hookup.

  • 4 high-quality latex condoms, Fuck With This brand. This is a no-brainer for safer casual sex, so you definitely don’t want to leave those behind.
  • Pleasure Chest water-based lube. Lube is quite essential to maintain that silky-smooth sensation for both quickies and night-long hookups, and it reduces friction, prevents chafing and promotes genital health. Water-based lube is good for pretty much everything, and is compatible with all the materials that toys and condoms are made.
  • Uberlube silicone-based lube is our all-time favorite silicone lube, which is particularly amazing for longer-lasting sex and anal play, but cannot be used with silicone toys.
  • A PC Mini-Rocket vibrator is there to help even out the “orgasm gap” – that unfortunate stat that women are only half as likely as men to have an orgasm during a hookup. Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone. Focus on female pleasure by incorporating clitoral vibrations with this easily portable, yet powerful mini vibe.
  • Before & After adult toy cleaner wipes, so you can clean the vibrator right away.
  • And, finally, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste for before the kiss (beer breath is not that sexy) or the morning after (if things went that well).

With everything you need for the night, it’s the best $25 you ever spent for a hookup.

Get your Adventure Kit now and be prepared for every hookup opportunity!

Check out this video to prepare you for your hookups:

The Adventure Kit has all your casual sex essentials. Don’t leave the house without it! You never know when and where you might get lucky!

…And while you’re on my curated store hosted by the Pleasure Chest, check out some of our other favorite sex toys and accessories, and why we love them so much!

Want to know the best part? When you buy an Adventure Kit (or anything else using our affiliate links) you’re also supporting our work and thus helping a great cause: Accessible sex education to those who can benefit. It’s a win-win: You get this essential hookup toolkit, and others get opportunities to change their sex lives for the better.

For more information on how to best use the tools in the Adventure Kit, be sure to check out my upcoming events, and Kenneth Play’s upcoming events. In our live sex education classes, we’ll teach you the #legitsexscience and practical Sex Hacking How-To’s behind tools like the Adventure Kit and the most pleasurable ways to use them!

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