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  • Sex Science Social: Navigating Consent in the #MeToo Era

    “You cannot give consent if you’ve had any any drugs or alcohol in your system” “Yes means yes. No means no. There is no gray area” “Nonverbal communication doesn’t count as real communication” Every day we are bombarded with inaccurate, moralistic, and pseudo-scientific information and advice about sex and relationships. How do you figure out what’s true and what’s not? About the Event: One special evening each month, Dr. Zhana hosts an evening of geeking out over sexual science on a current, interesting, and useful topic followed by a BYOB social with like-minded folks at the gorgeous Hacienda Villa in

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The Science of Sex Podcast

The Science of Sex Podcast

Listen to comedian, Joe Pardavila, and I sit down each week with a new sex researcher to talk about the latest information on anything and everything to do with sex.