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Squirting, or female ejaculation, has its fair share of myths. I teamed up with sex hacker Kenneth Play and his co-teacher Lola Jean to give you the real facts. I will teach you the science of squirting, then Lola and Kenneth will demonstrate all the skills you need to become a squirting expert, using both hands and toys. You’ll see what it looks like when a woman squirts in real life, and how it might be different from the expectations porn gives us.
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Lesson Plan
The Science of Squirting
I go over the research around squirting, what ejaculate is really made of, can all women squirt, and if squirting orgasms are different than others.
Meet Kenneth and his co-teacher Lola Jean! 
Kenneth has gotten over 500 people to squirt; Lola is an Olympic-level squirter! ;-)
Kenneth gives a guide to female anatomy (or cliteracy!) with the help of Lola and a vulva puppet.​​​​​
External Touch Squirting
Kenneth shows how to make someone squirt using only external stimulation, mainly through clitoral touch.
Squirting with Toys
Kenneth shows how to make someone squirt using two of his favorite toys, the Njoy Pure Wand and the Hitachi rechargeable vibrator.
Manual Squirting
Kenneth demonstrates the easiest positions to stimulate the g-spot from, and talks about the important role the pelvic floor muscles play.
Standing Squirting
Kenneth shows a squirting hack that can be used while both participants are standing or kneeling.
Voluntary Squirting
Lola teaches how women can make themselves squirt and the powerful feeling of squirting on a lover’s chest.
Sexual Communication
Lola talks about walking a new lover through pleasuring you step-by-step.
They say that getting started can be the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Foreplay is all about connecting, getting into the same head space, and being in touch with each other’s bodies. Over three lessons, Kenneth will cover how to set the mood, learn about your partner’s pleasure preferences, tantric grounding, erotic massage techniques, and more!
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10 total videos:

4 oral video lessons

plus 6 videos on Foreplay


10 total videos:

4 penetration video lessons

plus 6 videos on Foreplay


15 total videos:

9 squirting video lessons

plus 6 videos on Foreplay

$97 $195

25 total videos:

Oral. Penetration. Squirting.

Plus Foreplay, Fingering, & Toys

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