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Being sexual is an inherent aspect of being human, yet most of us receive very little–if any–honest information about the ins and outs of human sexuality. This leaves many of us full of misinformation, shame, guilt, awkwardness, and fear when it comes to navigating the world of sex, preventing us from achieving our full potential as individuals, partners, or health care providers. I’m on a mission to save the world from this ignorance about sexuality, and make sex less scary and less taboo. My talks tend to be engaging, inspiring, and most importantly, chock-full of scientifically accurate information and practical advice that individuals and health care providers can immediately implement to build more authentic sexual lives and/or care for their clients and patients in ways that consider and affirm their sexualities. Take a look at some of my most popular talks below, and then reach out to me – What can I do to skyrocket your next event?


*Dr. Zhana’s talks can be scaled from 30 minutes to two hours.*

*She can use PowerPoints, or not.*

*She can make them really academic, or really practical.*

  1. Hooking Up Can Be Healthy, And Here Is How To Do It

Designed for today’s culture of Tinder and drunken frat parties, Dr. Zhana leads a sorely needed and truly balanced conversation on the phenomenon of hookups, and their potential to harm or benefit people’s physical, mental, and relational health. Casual sex gets a bad rep, and it certainly carries its risks, but if done right and by the right people, it can also be pretty amazing. In this honest and open, yet entirely evidence-based talk, Dr. Zhana shares unique and proven techniques to determine who’s the right person for casual sex, and, if they’re going to do it, how to do it well (i.e., healthy). This talk is indispensable for college student audiences, and any other communities or groups where casual sex might be frequent.

Your college student audience will learn:

  • The pros and cons of hooking up
  • Six questions to help them figure out if hookups are right for them
  • The top 10 (plus one) rules for healthy hookups


  1. Modern Sex and Its Health Implications

Growing numbers of people are engaging in sexual behaviors, relationships, and lifestyles that are non-traditional, and often, such as casual sex, consensually nonmonogamous (i.e. open) relationships, and kink or BDSM (bondage, discipline/dominance, submission/sadism, masochism). Shrouded in mystery and often highly stigmatized, these lifestyles present a particular kind of challenge for mental and physical health care providers. In this talk, Dr. Zhana briefly summarizes the psychological research on the nature, origin, and mental, physical, and sexual health implications of such behaviors, and offers practical advice for how to provide relevant and judgment-free care for clients with nontraditional sexual lifestyles.


Your health care provider audience will learn:

  • Recognize and assess clients’ engagement in nontraditional sexual and relationship activities/lifestyle.
  • Differentiate between constructive (well-adjusted) and destructive (maladjusted) engagement in nontraditional sexual and relationship activities/lifestyles.
  • Tips for applying evidence-based knowledge on nontraditional sexualities to improve client-centered care.


  1. Love Or Lust? The Key to Having it All

Whether we like it or not, sexual lust for our partners almost invariably wanes over time in long-term relationships. Our society is very conflicted about this fact and how to deal with it, often leading to inaccurate beliefs, emotional hurt, and relationship conflict. In this candid and inspiring talk, Dr. Zhana offers a fresh and scientifically-backed perspective on how to deal with this fact of life in a way that is right for you and your particular set of life circumstances. (Because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to sex.)


Your audience will learn:

  • The three most harmful myths about love and lust, and their consequences.
  • The six possible options for dealing with the “lust wanes over time” fact   
  • How to decide on a strategy that is right for them,
  • How to do each option one as ethically as possible


  • NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova is New York City’s own ‘Master of Sex’.

  • I call Dr. Zhana the “archangel of sex positivity.” She’s an amazing sex educator because she has the ability to translate complex sex research in a way that’s fun and never judgmental, and in the process has made so many people–including myself–feel less shame about their sexy and slutty desires.

  • @DrZhana’s tweet stream is like falling into an actual stream. Made of brains. Instead of water

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