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Sex Ed for Adults in NYC

abstinence_asaf_hanukaThere is no doubt that adults need more sex education. Sex educator Kate McCombs talked about this quite eloquently in a post entitled “Why We Need More Sex Ed for Grown-Ups“. So where can grown-ups find sex ed in NYC?

Here are some that I know about.

1. The New York Academy of Sex Education

Coordinated by the one-and-only Ducky Doolittle and presented by various sex educators from NYC and beyond, these workshops happen each Friday at 7.30 in the workshop space at the Pleasure Chest on the Upper East Side. They cost $25 (advance, online sales only). Upcoming topics include Inspiring Ways to Take Him Over the Edge; Navigating Non-Monogamy; Female Orgasms; Talking with Your Kids About Sex; Sex and Disability; Writing Erotica for Pleasure & Money; and Sex After Baby.

2. The Pleasure Chest – Upper East Side

This gorgeous-looking sex store on the Upper East Side holds regular and FREE workshops typically on Wednesdays (but also some other weekdays) by different educators. Upcoming topics include Sex After 50; Boy-lesque; Blowjobs and Beyond; Dildo Harnesses 101; Beginners BDSM; or G-Spot and Female Ejaculation.

3. Purple Passion

This is a BDSM/fetish store located in Chelsea, so normally their workshops are more geared toward those interested in the world of kink. Workshops happen on Thursdays and cost between $20 and $45, and include topics such as Beginner Rope Bondage; Single Tails; Humiliation; or Beginner Latex Clothing.

4. Shag Brooklyn

This sex shop in Williamsburg has a variety of workshops and events on various days of the week that range from free (e.g., photography exhibit) to something like $160 for a 3-hr rope workshop with Midori. Worth checking out.

5. Babeland

Babeland does workshops in both their SoHo and Park Slope locations, on different days of the week, and typically cost between $15 and $35. Recent topics include a lot of various oral sex guides and guides to “Mind-Blowing Sex” or “Bedroom Bliss”

6. Sex Ed A G0-Go

Run by Dirty Lola, this event is “1/2 Go Go show + 1/2 Sex Ed. Q & A = A whole lot of raunchy fun!” Happens once a month on Wednesdays, at the Parkside Lounge on East Houston street, and costs $7-$10.

7. Open Love NY

This is a the largest polyamory community on the East Coast that holds discussion groups every 4th Tuesday of the month in the Times Square area. These discussions often feature presentations on topics related to consensual non-monogamy by various sex educators and researchers and they are FREE.

8. TES: The Eulenspiegel Society

TES is a BDSM association and their workshops and discussion groups cover all sorts of kink-related topics, including flogging, basic Domination/submission, bondage skills, hypnokink, polyamory, race play, 24/7. Most of the workshops take place at Joria Studios on West 36th Street, but some also take place at the “Friendly S & M club,” Paddles on West 26th street. Cost: between $4 and $10.

Are there any other spaces that provide regular sex education opportunities for adults that are open to the public that I am missing? Please share in the comments or privately and I’ll add to this list.

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