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Personalized Sex Ed 

Most of us never got any meaningful sex education that would be helpful in understanding our own and other people’s sexualities, or crafting the sex and relationship lives that are best suitable for us. Many of us never even get a chance to talk to someone about sexuality in a way that’s informative yet nonjudgmental.

I can help remedy that. My sex education/conversation sessions combine the most current and accurate scientific knowledge about human sexuality with a personalized approach to the kind of sexuality that is most relevant, authentic and right for you: Your sexual behavior, desires, and values. They are designed to fill in any gaps in your sexuality knowledge left by inadequate or nonexistent sex ed, or by unrealistic and outright false portrayals of sexuality and gender in media and porn. It’s kind of like taking a college-level human sexuality class that directly answers only the specific questions you personally have.

And sometimes, all you want is a friendly, knowledgable, and nonjudgmental person to talk about sex with – whether about issues that have to do with your own sexuality or with more general sexual matters, theories, and scientific findings.

We can talk about literally anything you want that is sex-related and that can be answered using the scientific method. Some of my favorite topics to talk and educate about involve:

  • sexual drive, desire, attraction, and arousal
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity & transgender
  • casual sex
  • non-traditional romantic relationships
  • kink / BDSM
  • slut-shaming and other forms of sexual stigma
  • giving and receiving pleasure
  • negotiating enthusiastic consent
  • navigating sexual and reproductive health risks
  • emotional attachments and love
  • sex and desire in long-term relationships
  • sex work
  • pornography
  • sexual “addiction”
  • pedophilia
  • …..

Sessions can be done in person or over the phone/video chat (Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc).

  • Short-term, 90-min sessions (good if you have a few quick questions about something): $400 (online) OR $500 (in person);
  • A package of 10 1-hr sessions over 3 months (good if you’d like to delve deeper into crafting the perfect sexual life for yourself using my Sexual Authenticity Model OR just want multiple conversational-type sessions): $2,100 (online) OR $2,600 (in person).
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What I am NOT:

I’m not a SEX THERAPIST, which means I don’t provide in-depth and time-intensive psychotherapy that would help clients overcome sexual dysfunctions, traumas, anxieties, or any other sex-related mental health issues.

I’m also not a SEX SURROGATE, which means I do not provide any kind of hands-on therapy or instruction.

Instead, I’m an educator – someone who provides you with accurate information about sexuality and relationships that you can then use to make better informed decisions about your own life, and a coach – someone who can guide you through solving a specific sex or relationship issue (the kinds that are less severe than the ones requiring therapy).

I’m happy to suggest sex therapists or surrogates if we determine that’s what you need!


  • NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova is New York City’s own ‘Master of Sex’.

  • I call Dr. Zhana the “archangel of sex positivity.” She’s an amazing sex educator because she has the ability to translate complex sex research in a way that’s fun and never judgmental, and in the process has made so many people–including myself–feel less shame about their sexy and slutty desires.

  • @DrZhana’s tweet stream is like falling into an actual stream. Made of brains. Instead of water

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