Open Smarter
The ULTIMATE Course on Consensual Non-Monogamy
Do you...
  • find lifelong monogamy unfulfilling and stifling?
  • want both the stability of long-term relationships AND the excitement of new sexual and love adventures?
  • keep cheating on your partners, even though you still love and care about them?
  • think consensual nonmonogamy might be right for you, but you don't know how to go about building such a relationship?
  • worry an open relationship is bound to fail?
  • want to open up, but don't want to hurt yourself or your partner in the process?

Then this course is for you!
Course Overview
Open Smarter is a comprehensive online course that helps couples transition safely from unfulfilling monogamy to thriving open relationships.

Monogamy, the only option offered by our society as the "proper" way for doing relationships, fails too many of us, leaving us feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, resentful, or guilty for wanting something different. The good news is that every day, more and more people realize there are other alternatives (and it's not just the good old "cheat and hope you don't get caught"). Both academic research and countless success stories show that ethical or consensual nonmonogamy (CNM) is absolutely possible. Moreover, it's an incredibly effective solution for the human paradox of wanting both relationship stability and security, on one hand, and sexual and romantic novelty and excitement, on the other hand. 

Yet, opening up you relationship is easier said than done. You’re rejecting decades of deeply ingrained beliefs and values, overcoming strongly conditioned emotional responses, and fighting against pervasive stigma - all with virtually no information or role models to support you in the process.

That's where Open Smarter comes in. It brings together a wealth of information from scholarly studies, CNM practitioners' experiences, and coaching best practices to guide you through your own process of self-exploration and discovery on the path to building the most authentic relationship structure that is right for you.

This course , design the open relationship that is most authentic for you and your partner, and learn how to deal with the unique challenges that consensual nonmonogamy poses.
  • Learn the truth about open relationships and the people who engage in them.
  • Discover to what extent nonmonogamy in general is the right relationship style for you and your partner.
  • Craft your unique open relationship.
  • Constructively deal with the unique challenges that nonmonogamy poses: manage jealousy, alleviate sexual health concerns, navigate catching feelings, overcome social stigma...
  • Develop lifelong skills for navigating relationships in a healthy, sustainable, compassionate way.

We all deserve to live the kind of life that is true to who we are. You CAN have your cake and eat it too. 
What You Get
12 Modules
72 Video Lessons
100+ Exercises
How It Works
Explore if CNM is right for you
Build your ideal CNM relationship
Practice CNM with minimum conflict and maximum joy
Get Dr. Zhana's Expert Guidance

Hours of content and you get to try it before anyone else!


Learn what to expect of this course. Get motivated. Connect with your yourself. Connect with your partner.

Check your assumptions about what open relationships are and are not. Dispel 15 myths entrenched into our collective consciousness.

Delve into the pros and cons of monogamy versus consensual nonmonogamy, and why you want out of relationships.

Some personality traits make CNM easier to handle. Figure out where you stand, and work on areas that need improvement.

Create a set of parameters that will govern YOUR open relationship. These aren't set in stone. But you need a starting point.

Decide on your first foray into nonmonogamy. Find partners to do it with. Negotiate and navigate that first experience, and debrief afterwards.

The green-eyed monster CAN be tamed. Learn now.

Falling in love with someone else can be both amazing and disruptive to an existing relationship. Learn how to handle feelings in the context of CNM.

Having multiple sexual partners is a manageable risk. Design your personalized safer-sex protocol with my 5-step process.

Learn the importance of social support in the face of stigma. Make informed coming out decisions. Build and find sex positive community.

Logistics. Kids. Infidelity. Abuse. A brief look at a few more issues that can come up in doing CNM.

Major relationship change is often inevitable. Learn how to handle it gently and with compassion for everyone involved.

Why Dr. Zhana
Dr. Zhana Vrangalova is a sexuality educator, speaker, author, and coach, passionate about helping people build healthier, more authentic sex and relationship lives using scientifically accurate information. She holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University and now teaches human sexuality courses at New York University. She also has over 15 years personal experience with consensual nonmonogamy, both while single and partnered.
Get Dr. Zhana's Expert Guidance

Hours of content and you get to try it before anyone else!