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Mystified by squirting and female ejaculation?

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For so many sexual adventurers, squirting is one of the most fascinating yet misunderstood aspects of female sexuality.

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Meet Dr. Zhana

I'm a sex and relationships researcher, writer, adjunct professor of Human Sexuality at New York University, and consultant helping people of all relationship configurations make smarter decisions about sex and love.

There is SO MUCH censorship and misinformation about sex and love. I hate seeing people not living their best lives because they don’t have clear, science-based knowledge and guidance.

So I’ve made it my mission to give you accurate and accessible information about these intimate aspects of ourselves, and the tools to design the sexual and romantic life of your fantasies...without sacrificing your integrity or well-being.

This guide is a part of that ongoing effort. I hope you enjoy it.

Dr Zhana


"Dr. Zhana's course was a game-changer for me. Her expertise in human sexuality not only cleared my long-held misconceptions but also opened a new world of understanding and confidence in my personal life. Her teachings are a blend of scientific rigor and practical wisdom, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Highly recommend to anyone seeking genuine insights into their sexuality."                                                                                                       - Jonathan

"I also REALLY LOVED the Workbook, I think it's packed with very good resources and information. It's such an awesome resource to have forever, I will keep going back to it whenever I run into anything new."                           - Emily


Go Deep on Squirting and Female Ejaculation!

Get factual, science-backed answers to your most urgent questions in this 33 page ebook (including 8 pages of detailed citations of the key scientific studies on this topic!):

  • How is squirting different from female ejaculation?
  • Can all women squirt?
  • Is squirting always an orgasm?
  • ...and A LOT more!

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