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Hot, Nonjealous Monogamy

Do you and your romantic partner have an arrangement where neither of you is allowed to have any kind of physical sexual contact with other people beyond kissing or making out, but you allow and/or do together one (or more) of the things below:

– Flirting with others (in the absence and/or presence) of your partner, but no physical contact;
– Being able to acknowledge to each other that you find other people attractive (this might be very similar to the previous point);
– Kissing/making out with others, but no further;
– Watching porn together as a couple, and either masturbate together, or as an intro to more involved sex;
– Talking about other people while or before having sex, whether it’s sharing a fantasy or recounting past experiences, as a way to spice it up or get in the mood;
– Going to a sex party together but NOT playing with anyone else, just watching and/or having sex with your partner only;
– Hiring a private live sex shows together.

If you fit the criteria, and you also:

– are in a heterosexual or lesbian relationship;
– are in your 20s or 30s;
– would like to be interviewed for a major women’s magazine piece on pushing the limits of monogamy;
– live in the US; AND
– don’t mind using your real first name (even better if you don’t mind using your last name);

Then please get in touch with me ASAP!

No photos needed.

Help teach US women that monogamy doesn’t have to mean (pretending) that you are no other attractive people in the world, and/or that you are never ever attracted to or fantasize about anyone or anything else but the person you love and the sex you have with them.

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