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Guest Lecture by Kate McCombs

Kate McCombs teaching at NYUThis past Tuesday I had invited the amazing sex educator Kate McCombs, MPH, to do a guest lecture on STIs and safe sex for my Human Sexuality class at NYU. One reason is, I admit, I don’t like talking about the nasty bugs very much, but there was a more important reason: I knew that Kate was that rare person who could teach about STIs without scaring people about them or stigmatizing the people who have them, and could actually make safe sex sound fun and sexy.

She did the job beautifully, and the students were engaged and seemed to have a lot of fun. The feedback I got about her the next class was exclusively positive. When I asked if there was anyone who didn’t like Kate or something about her presentation, one student said ‘Is it possible not to like her?” The others nodded in agreement.

I enjoyed Kate’s style so much, that I asked the students if they’d like to hear another presentation by her, perhaps one on sex toys, given her experience doing Passion Parties. And surprise, surprise, they do! So we’re going to have Kate back for an optional Sex Toy presentation as soon as I figure out the logistics of it.

Kate & Zhana outside fullKate, Zhana, & HernandoClass was followed by breakfast and it was quite serendipitous that Hernando Chaves, a sex educator and sex therapist from LA, happened to be visiting and joined us for the class (and was very helpful with sorting and handing out Kate’s adorable, laminated Yes/No cards used to test the students’ STI knowledge) as well as breakfast. So it was quite the sex educator reunion, and a lovely start to the day!

Thank you both, and looking forward to next time.

Need a wonderful, knowledgeable, warm, approachable, funny, wholesome sex educator who is impossible not to love? (And who, according to my students, apparently looks like Zooey Deschanel’s character in the show New Girl?) Kate McCombs is your gal.

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