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Dr. Zhana’s Legit Sex Science Show, Oct 12 2016

Hi everyone,

Here’s a recap of what we talked about this week’s Legit Sex Science Show on Periscope (Tuesdays, 11am-1pm New York time), with info and links to all the sex research studies and sex toys we discussed. And if you’d rather watch Dr. Zhana than read here, the Periscope replay is at the bottom of this blog post! Make sure you follow Dr. Zhana on Peri: @DrZhana.

Sex Research News

Attractive Women Want More Casual Sex Than Less Attractive Ones

  • A study of over 200 women found that women who were rated by others as more attractive desired and engaged in more casual sex than women who were rated as less physically attractive based on facial photographs. Why do is this interesting? Well, it upends the stereotype that only desperate, unattractive women have casual sex.
  • Please note, however, the correlation is weak–it’s not like all hot girls are DTF (down to fuck, for those of you less versed in internet slang)!
  • So what does this study add to the literature? Well, we know that more attractive men attractive are more likely to be into casual sex, and now we know that the same applies to women who are more (vs. less) attractive!

Fisher, C. I., Hahn, A. C., DeBruine, L. M., Jones, B. C. (2016). Is women’s sociosexual orientation related to their physical attractiveness? Personality and Individual Differences, 101, 396-399.


Sorry, Dr. Freud, the Clitoral Orgasm is NOT Less Healthy

  • Back in the day, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud argued that the only acceptable orgasm for a woman was vaginal, through PVI, and that women who needed clitoral stimulation to cum were somehow not “mature.” 
  • But a new study with about 90 women of all ages finds little evidence for this claim:
    • There were no differences in sexual functioning (satisfaction with sex lives, orgasm intensity, or levels of sexual distress) or general mental health (depression, and anxiety) between the “clitoral women” (those whose most recent orgasm came from clitoral stimulation alone) vs. the “vaginal women (those who had cum through vaginal stimulation most recently).
    • If anything, the “clitoral women” were better able to control their sexual arousal when asked to do so, and were hornier in general (had more desire to masturbate).
    • And actually, women who said their primary source of orgasm was the clitoris also said their secondary source of orgasm was the vagina, and vice-versa — suggesting that the two types of orgasm act in accordance with each other, and that splitting women into “clitoral” and “vaginal” is not quite acurate.
  • The takeaway? There is NO support for Freud’s claim that the clitoral orgasm is somehow worse/less mature/less healthy compared to the vaginal orgasm. However you cum, ladies, it’s perfect.

Prause, N., Kuang, L., Lee, P, & Miller, G. (2016). Clitorally stimulated orgasms are associated with better control of sexual desire, and not associated with depression or anxiety, compared with vaginally stimulated orgasms. Journal of Sexual Medicine.


(Only) 14% of US Men Are Dissatisfied with Their Genitals

  • According to a nationally representative sample of over 4,000 U.S. men, a mere 14% are seriously dissatisfied with their genital appearance. (A lot fewer than what my Periscope audience thought, many of whom put the numbers at 50%-80%!! So glad my viewers were wrong on this one.)
  • The dissatisfied men didn’t differ from the satisfied men in most demographic factors, including age, race, sexual orientation, education, income, or geographic location. The only differences seemed to be in their recent sexual activity: Those with lower genital self-esteem were getting laid less often.Top 5 areas of dissatisfaction, among 12 aspects of genital appearance men were asked about?
    1. Size of flaccid penis, 27% dissatisfied
    2. Length of erect penis, 19% dissatisfied
    3. Girth of erect penis, 15% dissatisfied
    4. Amount of pubic hair, 14% dissatisfied and
    5. Amount of semen (aka… cum load!), 12% dissatisfied.
    6. Genital scent, which my Periscope audience believed would be a major source of dissatisfaction ranked #6th, with 9% of men being unhappy about it.
  • Important to note, not all men who were not dissatisfied with each aspect of their genitals were actively satisfied. Many (anywhere between 20-40%) felt neutral about their private parts, leaving about 50-60% of men satisfied.

Gaither, T. W., Allen, I. E., Osterberg, E. C., Alwal, A., Harris, C. R., & Breyer, B. N. (2016). Characterization of genital dissatisfaction in a national sample of U.S. men. Archives of Sexual Behavior.


Sex Toys Highlights

LELO Ina Wave

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-13-33-pmFirst toy I highlighted this week was the INA Wave, made by the great Swedish toy manufacturer, LELO. The INA is an internal and external vibrator, meaning it stimulates both the clitoris and the vagina. The wave motion technology of the larger, internal part of this toy mimics the come-hither motion needed to stimulate the G-spot, and the toy itself is shaped to hit the G-spot. You can use it on yourself or hand it to a partner.

Like almost all LELO toys, it’s made of high-quality silicone that is body safe and pleasant on your skin, and it’s also waterproof and rechargeable. Just make sure you use plenty of water-based (not silicone-based) lube with all your silicone toys.

Get it now at Lelo.com and remember to use the DRZHANA discount code for 20% off and free shipping on all your purchases! And throw in some of LELO’s waterbased lube while you’re at it. 


Fun Factory B Balls

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-18-00-pmThe other toy we talked about today are the Fun Factory B Balls. (B, of course, stands for butt!) These balls are an upgrade on the typical anal beads, with their own special twist: Inside the silicon balls, we’ve got… metal balls!These balls within balls move with your body, creating very pleasurable vibrations and sensations while you’re doing all your other fun, sexy things. So put the B Balls in your (or your partner’s) butt, and go about your sexy business.Try pulling them out right as you cum for an extra explosive experience.

Remember to use lots of waterbased lube and, like with everything anal, go slow. And don’t forget, we all have butts, so this toy can be used on people of all genders!

Get them now at my favorite sex store The Pleasure Chest with free shipping (to most countries) for all orders over $75! Or if you live in NYC, LA, or Chicago, check out one of their gorgeous stores and do some in-person shopping!


Audience Question

How many women masturbate?

Sadly, the answer is only about 50% of women in their mid- to late-20s have masturbated in the past month, and this is the age group most likely to masturbate! As women’s age decreases or increases, their chance of having masturbated in the last month decreases to anywhere between 10-40%. Let’s fix that, people!


Until next time,

Dr. Zhana


For more of Dr. Zhana, watch the Periscope replay! To catch her live next week (Tuesdays, 11am-1pm New York time), make sure you follow her on Periscope: @DrZhana.

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