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Anal Sex Hacking PlayLab

Curious about anal play, but not sure where to start? Struggling with making anal sex pleasurable? Concerned about safety and cleanliness? Are you an anal fanatic with a partner who needs some warming up to the idea? Unsure about how to please your partner who wants to explore the region? 

This PlayLab is for all who want to experience the mind-blowing, hidden pleasure of anal play. Kenneth will draw from his fitness expertise, explaining the body mechanics, optimal movement patterns, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness, and muscle memory development necessary for pleasurable anal play. He’ll also incorporate techniques from tantra to kink to legit sex science to teach you all the sex hacks you need to explore this complex and wonderfully sensitive part of the body. You’ll learn:

– How to safely prepare for anal play

– Anal anatomy and calibration: how to find your way around the pleasure spots and prostate

– How to emotionally and physically warm up your partner for anal play and make them feel safe and comfortable

– Mindhacks to overcome negative past experiences

– How to use Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching techniques to relax the muscles 

– Optimal body alignment for anal penetration

– How to use toys for anal 

– How to use anal to amp up your orgasms

– How to clean up and give aftercare like a pro 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to unlock the back door of this hidden pleasure!


Snacks and drinks will be provided, BYOB (more sober, more fun). This event will be hosted at the sex-positive intentional community, Hacienda Villa, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Address will be given upon purchase of ticket.

This is a partner-oriented class, so bring at least one date (or lover, spouse, or friend). Space is limited to 24 people, so book your spots today! Please bring a towel, your favorite toys, lube, and safer sex supplies. Clothing-optional.

This class is not your typical sex ed class; it’s a PlayLab. A PlayLab is a progressive live-action sex education experience designed for skill retention. I utilize the experiential learning model based on three key ingredients: concept explanation, demonstration, and practice. PlayLabs are not sit-down lectures. I’ll teach you the concepts using audio and visual aides, demonstrate the techniques live, and you get the unique opportunity to practice on the spot as I give you feedback. This practice and feedback loop is key to learning and remembering new sex hacks, as we learn best by playing. Participation is, of course, not mandatory, but highly encouraged to get the most out of the PlayLab. 

This is a clothing/participation-optional event where the majority of attendees will choose to be nude while participating in the exercises. Self-care and consent are of the utmost importance, so you are not required to do anything without your enthusiastic consent. You will not be peer-pressured to participate and you won’t offend anyone by leaving at any time. If any concerns come up during class, Kenneth will be there to support you and your needs. #enthusiasticconsent #ifitsnotahellyesitsahellno


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