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Check Out New Episodes of The Science of Sex Podcast

Check Out New Episodes of The Science of Sex Podcast
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Check Out New Episodes of The Science of Sex Podcast

Ep #50: 50 Shades of Trans(Gender)

Do you know the difference between sex and gender? Or what it means to be “gender nonconforming”? Trans or transgender? Genderqueer and gender non-binary? Our understanding and language around sex and gender has been rapidly expanding, and we don’t blame you if you’re not super familiar with it all.

In last week’s episode, Joe and I talked to Dr. Seth Pardo about his research on the gender identity and gender presentation of 170 folks who were assigned female at birth but identify as gender nonconforming to some extent. From defining important gender terms to giving direction for the best way to ask about people’s pronouns, Dr. Pardo manages to inform and advise people like Joe, who are less familiar with the trans community.

Tune in to Ep. #50: Fifty Shades of Trans(Gender) on our website, iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

Ep #49: Bi Guys on the Down Low

The dangers and risks for gay men in coming out of the closet are widely acknowledged, but what about for bisexual men? More bi men, compared to gay men, keep their sexuality strictly on the down low. Why is this the case? How are these men’s experience different?

In this episode, Joe and I talk to Dr. Eric Schrimshaw from Columbia University about his research on bisexual men–-especially those with long-term female partners–-who remain in the closet and why they do so. Why would bisexual guys living in the 21st century in ultra-liberal New York City be so reticent about their sexual attractions/behaviors? Listen to the episode to find out!

Tune in to Ep. #49: Bi Guys on the Down Low on our website, iTunesGoogle Play, or Stitcher.​​​​​​​

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The Science of Sex Podcast

The Science of Sex Podcast

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