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  • What Happens to Math Prodigies 40 years later?

    As many of you know, I tweet daily about new sex and psych research. A few days ago, I tweeted about a fascinating study that examined what happened in the lives and careers of people who tested in the top 1% of math ability some 40 years ago. Chris Woolston, a writer for Nature picked up the tweet, emailed me for additional comments, and incorporated both in a piece about this study. Check it out to learn more! Unequal fates for maths superstars: The fates of US child prodigies of the 1970s reveal great accomplishments but strong gender differences. Twitter matters.

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  • Guest Lecture by Kate McCombs

    This past Tuesday I had invited the amazing sex educator Kate McCombs, MPH, to do a guest lecture on STIs and safe sex for my Human Sexuality class at NYU. One reason is, I admit, I don’t like talking about the nasty bugs very much, but there was a more important reason: I knew that Kate was that rare person who could teach about STIs without scaring people about them or stigmatizing the people who have them, and could actually make safe sex sound fun and sexy. She did the job beautifully, and the students were engaged and seemed to have a

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  • SSSS 2014 Conference Notes, Omaha, NE

    I just got back from the annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality, held this year in Omaha, Nebraska. I know, I know, not the first place that comes to mind when you think of a sex research conference, but it wasn’t that bad. We were staying downtown, and I was happy to see some development, pedestrians, and life – night time included – in this area, complete with a very cute Old Market area. The conference was pretty great, as usual – I heard some really interesting talks, reconnected with old friends/colleagues and met new new ones,

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  • Hot, Nonjealous Monogamy

    Do you and your romantic partner have an arrangement where neither of you is allowed to have any kind of physical sexual contact with other people beyond kissing or making out, but you allow and/or do together one (or more) of the things below: – Flirting with others (in the absence and/or presence) of your partner, but no physical contact; – Being able to acknowledge to each other that you find other people attractive (this might be very similar to the previous point); – Kissing/making out with others, but no further; – Watching porn together as a couple, and either

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  • Who Said PhD Theses Need to Gather Dust?

    Virtually every grad student in the US is familiar with this sad – but painfully-close-to-the-truth – graph. One of the most devastating portions of that graph for me was always the part about realizing how many (few) people will ever read your dissertation that you spent six (or more) years of your life on. I mean, you’ve identified a problem or gap in the knowledge that you feel very passionate about (in my case, does casual sex negatively affect mental health?); you spent several long years researching, writing, reading, collecting data, analyzing data; you write this masterpiece that addresses that

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  • SEXx Philly: Hooking Up Healthy

    Are you in or near Philly? If so, come watch me and 15 other presenters talk about all sorts of sexy sex-related topics. Each talk is only 5 minutes long! My talk is on one of my favorite topics “Is Casual Sex Right for You and How to Do It Well?” Cramming everything I want to teach the world about casual sex in 5 minutes will be a mighty challenge… See you there. In the meantime, Share On Facebook Share On Twitter permalink Tags: #SEXx #SEXxPHL #sex toys #philadelphia #sexuality education  

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  • Beyond Monogamy: Making an Informed Decision

    We live in a world that glorifies monogamy and vilifies non-monogamy. Yet many of us fail miserably in our attempts to remain completely sexually and emotionally monogamous with long-term partners, suggesting that some re-evaluation of our beliefs might be in order. This coming Tuesday (May 27), I will give an hour long talk (plus 20 minutes for questions) for Open Love NY, the largest polyamorous community on the East Coast, that will examine the social science research around how much truth behind the stereotypes that monogamy is better (and non-monogamy is worse). I’ll specifically focus on people’s sexual satisfaction, prevention of

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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Casual

    SEX FOR SMART PEOPLE PODCAST Last month, I was a guest on Stephanie Johnstone’s and Dave McGee’s podcast called Sex for Smart People, and we talked about the thing I like to talk about the most: casual sex. The episode is now out and you can listen to it here: EPISODE 14: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE CASUAL Here is how Stephanie describes the episode: “Casual sex can be difficult to talk about rationally because there is so much stigma around having too much of it or, on the flip side, not enough of it. Our guest Dr Zhana

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  • April Update

    I am happy to report April was an extremely busy and productive month. Many great things happened. My third and final doctoral dissertation paper, titled Who Benefits from Casual Sex? The Moderating Role of Sociosexuality and co-authored with one of my grad school committee members at Cornell, Dr. Anthony Ong, got accepted in Social and Personality Psychology Science. Turns out, people who are unrestricted in their sociosexual orientation (who desire, approve of, and have prior experiences with casual sex) have higher wellbeing following casual sex compared to not having casual sex. This was not true of those with a restricted

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  • Sex Ed for Adults in NYC

    There is no doubt that adults need more sex education. Sex educator Kate McCombs talked about this quite eloquently in a post entitled “Why We Need More Sex Ed for Grown-Ups“. So where can grown-ups find sex ed in NYC? Here are some that I know about. 1. The New York Academy of Sex Education Coordinated by the one-and-only Ducky Doolittle and presented by various sex educators from NYC and beyond, these workshops happen each Friday at 7.30 in the workshop space at the Pleasure Chest on the Upper East Side. They cost $25 (advance, online sales only). Upcoming topics

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In a new #fMRI study, researchers investigated neural correlates of responses to erotic stimuli in 26 heterosexual, 26 #bisexual, and 24 #homosexual women, ages 25–50. Results confirm other research on #sexualorientation: #lesbians (like #gay and straight men) show greater brain activation to images of women (vs. men), but hetero women’s brains are like those of #bisexuals, responding equally to male and female stimuli. The takeaway? Homosexual women have greater #gender bias in their responses to male and female erotic stimuli. Interestingly, this study is also the first of its kind to include bisexual women!
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