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  • Be My Professional Assistant?

    So many incredible things have happened in my professional life over the last year and a half: a book deal, teaching, talks (including a TEDx), freelance writing gigs, frequent media consulting, TV show possibilities, and a website (the Casual Sex Project) that gets over 700,000 views a month. I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m trying to juggle too many things at once and I could really use a part-time assistant to help out with managing my own blog/ newsletter/ social media as well as the work related to the Casual Sex Project (CSP). Key responsibilities: edit & format blog posts for

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  • Making Safer Sex Sexy & the Myth of Sex Addiction

    This past Thursday, my Human Sexuality students at NYU got a double treat. First, Dr David Ley, a clinical psychologist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Skyped into our class on Sexual Dysfunctions to share his perspective on the hotly-debated notions of hypersexuality and sex addiction. Dr Ley is the author of the controversial book The Myth of Sex Addiction that challenges the idea that people can get addicted to sex, even if they are truly suffering due to their sexual behaviors or desires. Thank you Dr David Ley!! Later that afternoon, the amazing sex educator Kate McCombs, MPH did an optional, after-class workshop on Eroticizing Safer

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  • Launching “Play!”: A Research Study on Group Sex Events

    My colleague, Brooke Wells (PhD, Hunter College), and I are launching Play!, an online survey to better understand play / sex / swinger parties and the people who attend them. We hope this research will serve to dispel myths and stereotypes about these events and their participants. The survey is completely anonymous, and requires between 15-40 minutes to complete, depending on how many portions people would like to complete. Participants will receive a discount code from the adult stores Adam & Eve and a chance to win $50 gift cards and gifts from Shag! Brooklyn. Have you been to a play/sex party in the U.S. in the past 12

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  • Check out my advice in Slutever’s new column ‘Ask a Sex Researcher’

    Ever since we appeared together on a Huffington Post Live segment (discussing one of my studies on promiscuity and friendship), Karley Sciortino and I have had a very productive and mutually beneficial relationship, including, among other things, an interview for Vogue about sex addiction, and again for an article on non-monogamy and sex parties. Our latest collaborative effort is a semi-regular Ask a Sex Researcher advice column for her awesome blog, Slutever. I spend so much of my time giving advice about sex and relationships to my friends anyway, I might as well extend that to others, no? In this first installment, I answer questions on how to

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  • Dancing in the Streets for Sexual Self-Acceptance

    Yesterday, I spent several hours on the streets of Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, representing a dominatrix in Stephanie Johnstone‘s upcoming music video promoting sexual and gender self-acceptance. As the song says: “No Shame being into what you’re into; No Worries if you’re not into what you’re not”. It’s a great cause that I support with all my heart. For more info on the song and the project, check out Love Songs for the Rest of Us. More photos and the videos themselves coming soon, and save the date for the album/video release party – June 21st! Completely unexpectedly, this was a day when my doing

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  • When Sluts Have MORE Friends

    My latest study, titled “Are sexually permissive individuals more victimized and socially isolated?” was just published in the journal Personal Relationships. It was based on the honor’s thesis data of my former research assistant while at Cornell, Rachel Bukberg (now a law student at University of Chicago), and what we found was pretty simple: More promiscuous college students of both sexes are subjected to more interpersonal aggression from peers, but they also have more friends and feel less lonely. I wrote about these findings for my Psychology Today Strictly Casual blog, in a post titled Promiscuous College Students Have MORE Friends. The media got

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  • NYU Sex Therapy Panel Offers Intimate Conversation

    I love teaching Human Sexuality. So even though it’s not in my NYU adjunct professor job description (nor do I get paid any extra for it), I like to do more than just provide research-based facts in lecture. Instead, I like to enrich my students’ understanding of the diverse sexual lifestyles, professions, and desires that exists out there by organizing these optional, after-class Q&A panels on various topics: gender identity, sexual orientation, sex therapy, consensual nonmonogamy, kink/BDSM, porn… At the Sex Therapy panel, one of the NYU students who attended decided to write about it for the NYU student newspaper, NYU

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  • CatalystCon East: Myths & Realities of Consensual Nonmonogamy

    This past weekend, I went to CatalystCon East, a conference for sex educators, writers, activists etc. in Arlington, Virginia. In my presentation on Saturday morning (#cconmono), I gave a one-hour talk summarizing the social science research on consensual nonmonogamy (CNM): What people think about CNM people and relationships, and what is the actual reality of CNM people and relationships. Judging by the standing-room-only audience for this first early morning session, it seems like there was a lot of interest in this topic. I absolutely enjoyed the panel, and I hope those in attendance did to. You can download the Powerpoint slides (minus the slides from

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  • The Real ‘Fifty Shades’: HuffPost Love & Sex Podcast (AUDIO)

    As Valentine’s Day was approaching and the 50 Shades of Grey movie was coming out, everyone wanted to have a story on BDSM. I sat down with Carina Kolodny & Noah Michelson, the hosts of the Huff Post Love & Sex podcast to discuss the realities behind BDSM and kink, and the inaccuracies within 50 Shades. Check out the episode on The Real ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’; it also features an interview with two dominatrixes and a trip to Paddles, New York City’s only public BDSM club.

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  • 1 Million Views on my Psychology Today blog!

    Just realized I hit a million views yesterday! I’ve been blogging about the science of casual sex and nonmonogamy for my Strictly Casual blog on the Psychology Today platform for the past 10 and a half months. When I first hit ‘publish’ on January 30, 2014, I had just gotten my PhD and I had virtually no media or social media presence – I had been an academic and nothing but an academic during my entire grad school career. Blogging for Psych Today was one of my first forays into writing for popular audiences, and has been an immensely rewarding experience – leading

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In a new #fMRI study, researchers investigated neural correlates of responses to erotic stimuli in 26 heterosexual, 26 #bisexual, and 24 #homosexual women, ages 25–50. Results confirm other research on #sexualorientation: #lesbians (like #gay and straight men) show greater brain activation to images of women (vs. men), but hetero women’s brains are like those of #bisexuals, responding equally to male and female stimuli. The takeaway? Homosexual women have greater #gender bias in their responses to male and female erotic stimuli. Interestingly, this study is also the first of its kind to include bisexual women!
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