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LELO’s Black Friday Sale is about to make you VERY Thankful…

And now, a word from The Casual Sex Project.


Ready to stock up on the hottest holiday hookup gear? Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the U.S., a time for sharing great food, spending time with loved ones, and giving thanks for everything we have…and for SEX.

…You heard us.

LELO, the world’s leading designer brand for intimate pleasure products (and our incredible sponsor), is showing us all just how sexy Thanksgiving can be by giving us some mind-blowing deals for your mind-blowing hookups!

Before we can even get to the saucy details, you’d better press “play” on perhaps the sexiest Thanksgiving commercial of all time. “Thank Yourself” to 57 seconds of hot, and then we can get to the good stuff:


LELO has been teasing us with a delicious Black Friday Sale and it is going to be a big one. Their toys are feast to behold, and we’re just begging to gorge ourselves on this sale! They’re offering up to 70% off some of their best selling toys and supplies with the code DRZHANABF. Plus, get a free gift with any purchase over $99! These offers are valid from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday!

This sale goes live on 11/24, so if those discounts have you so excited can’t possibly make it any farther into this post, click here to see all the amazing discounts!


25% off the Hugo!

Here are some of our choice highlights:

The HUGO, one of our favorite toys, drops 25% for this sale, saving you more than $50! Kenneth Play gave it a rave review when he tried it last month along with the TIANI !

Even bigger discounts are on offer for their stellar couples’ vibrating ring: the ODEN 2 ! At a whopping 50% off, you can get a huge head start on holiday shopping for the special someone(s!) on your list.

Their bestselling GIGI 2 would be a great way to #ThankYourself this year; this bestselling G-Spot vibrator is perfectly curved and is very deservedly one of the most popular G-Spot vibrators. Of. All. Time.

If you’re looking for even more daring prostate play, the BILLY is rocking a massive 30% off tag for this weekend’s sexy sale. It’s powerful, easy to use, lasts for up to 4 hours on a single charge, and comes in Deep Blue and Bordeaux – a luxurious red that is perfect for the holiday season.

Of course, Thanksgiving is about more than sexy toy discounts and steamy ads! It is important to remember that many of the foods on the table are major aphrodisiacs. The oysters, sweet potatoes, and even pumpkin pie may have some arousing effects, even if you’re mostly focused on some Thanksgiving stuffing 😉

Okay, we know, you’re dying to get your Thanksgiving shopping on. We get it. We’ll just leave you with this little gem: if you think LELO’s Thanksgiving ad is steamy, check out these naughty turkey ad campaigns from the 1950s, one featuring Marilyn Monroe!

sexytday2 sexytday3

Here at the Casual Sex Project, we’re super thankful for these serious discounts on these amazing pleasure tools. The best part? Your purchase through our affiliate links helps to support our work so that we can keep providing accessible sex education to those who can benefit. It’s a win-win: you get your toy shopping done, and others get opportunities to change their sex lives. Now, get your shopping on!


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