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Sex and Pregnancy: TSOS Podcast, Ep. 11!

We love talking about sex, but what about sex during pregnancy and after childbirth?

Goes Deeper

Earlier this year, two researchers at the University of Nebraska at Omaha published a review paper summarizing what we know from research about sexual behaviors during pregnancy and the year after childbirth. They combed through 56 empirical studies published in the academic literature since 1996, and found that, in general, there was a gradual decline in vaginal intercourse over the course of pregnancy and the first couple of months post-childbirth. This week we were able to interview the lead author on this paper, Dr. Sofia Jawed-Wessel, and discuss these findings and everything else she knows about sex during and after pregnancy.

Dr. Sofia Jawed-Wessel is an Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and the Associate Director of the Midlands Sexual Health Research Collaborative. She got her PhD in Health Behavior from the School of Public Health at Indiana University Bloomington, and her research focuses on the sexual health of women and couples as they transition into parenthood. Her 2016 TEDxOmaha talk “The lies we tell pregnant women” has being viewed over 3 million times.


This week’s foreplay brought some good news in terms of the sexual misconduct we have been talking about these past few months. After many representatives have been accused of assault and/or harassment, the House voted to approve required, annual anti-sexual harassment training for lawmakers and aides.

Curious about your sexual performance stats? A British company has developed a “smart condom” called the i.Con that tracks your sexual performance and can detect certain STIs. This device is actually not a physical condom, but rather a ring worn around the base of the penis in addition to a condom. The device will be released in January and already has a large amount of preorders.

A couple driving in Washington decided to get frisky while a 3-month-old sat in the backseat — and crashed their car into a tree23 year old Michael Tonkin was driving drunk when his intoxicated girlfriend decided to climb on top of him naked — causing him to miss a curve and collide with a tree. After the crash, Michael and and Daisy Laroque, 23, emerged from the car naked, witnesses told troopers. The baby was hospitalized, but is doing just fine according to doctors.


A social worker recently wrote an article talking about her experience seeing more and more teens coming out as transgender “out of the blue.” There are a few reasons why this could be so listen now for our take on the matter!

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