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Marijuana Users Have More Sex

Marijuana Users Have More Sex
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Marijuana Users Have More Sex

As marijuana use continues to grow in the United States, we are starting to learn more about its effects on our behavior. A new study using a nationally representative sample of over 50,000 US residents ages 15 to 44 found that, on average, marijuana users have more sex than nonusers.

For example, women who reported no marijuana use during the past year had sexual intercourse 6.0 times on average during the past 4 weeks compared with 7.1 times for women who reported daily marijuana use. For men, these numbers were 5.6 for nonusers and 6.9 times for daily users. Increased sexual frequency was also reported by monthly and weekly marijuana users compared to nonusers.

While it is easy to jump to conclusions based on this report, there are a few things to note. This data doesn’t necessarily prove that marijuana causes people to have more sex or increases sex drive. It is merely a correlation between pot use and sexual frequency. There has been other research on this topic, which is still heavily debating due to limited research.

However, it is equally plausible that marijuana users are simply more psychologically inclined toward sensation seeking or risk taking, and their more frequent sex is just another manifestation of this excitement-seeking trait. Longitudinal data (where the same participants are followed over period of time) or experimental research (where participants are randomly assigned to either use or not use marijuana) is needed to establish whether marijuana actually leads to more sex.

To read the article in its entirety, check it out at Forbes.

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