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Sex Science Social: Bicuriosity

Sex Science Social: Bicuriosity
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Sex Science Social: Bicuriosity

All women are at least a little bit bi.

Men who say they’re bi are really just gay or straight.

It’s not gay if it’s a threeway.

If I have sex with someone of the same gender as me, I’m not cheating on my straight relationship.

Every day we are bombarded with inaccurate, moralistic, and pseudo-scientific information and advice about sex and relationships. How do you figure out what’s true and what’s not?

Join me next Thursday, November 16th at 8 pm at the Hacienda Villa in Brooklyn for a night of #legitsexscience all about sexual orientation and fluidity followed by a BYOB social!

In this Sex Science Social, we will summarize the research on people who identify as mostly straight, bicurious, or heteroflexible (aka the largest non-heterosexual group out there) and discuss ways in which this new knowledge influences how we talk and think about sexual orientation in research, theory, practice, and our daily lives.

We run our events on a “pay what you can” donation model in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible, but it takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to put it all together. Suggested donation is $20, but we accept all donations. No amount is too little!

If you are unable to make it or are not in the New York City area, we will be live streaming the event on my personal Facebook page, so be sure to follow me there for full access. Suggested donation for the live stream is $7.

You MUST reserve a ticket for entry so RSVP here!



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