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Popped My Podcast Cherry!

Great news for all you sex science enthusiasts: the first episode of The Science of Sex, a podcast hosted by Joe Pardavila and me, has landed! I am so excited about this project! I’ve been wanting to do a podcast about sex research for a while now, and it’s finally coming to fruition, in no small part enabled by my collaboration with Joe, a long-time contributor & pop culture expert with the Morning Show at WPLJ Radio in NYC.

In each episode of The Science of Sex, Joe and I will be reviewing recent sex science news, and going in-depth into one topic with a guest expert. In our first episode, Sexual Diversity in the United States, we talked about the groundbreaking study published in Plos One that dives into how many Americans are doing and desiring a wide range of sexual behaviors–never before studied using a nationally representative sample of US adults–from cuddling to whipping to threesomes. Our guest was Dr. Brian Dodge, one of the researchers who conducted the study. He talked to us a bit about their methods and things they had to leave out, and we picked his brain on what might be next in this field of research. We couldn’t cover everything, since the study is so comprehensive, but it was really fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at this study from Dr. Dodge!

The study is freely available online, if you’d like to explore the many tables and numbers yourself. And if you prefer a less academic-y read, here are a couple of articles based on this study that I wrote for Forbes. (Did I tell you I recently took up a blogging gig with Forbes, writing about the science of sexuality and sexual health? 😀)
And, this study is such a treasure trove of information, I can guarantee you there will be more Forbes articles about it to follow…

In episode 2 of the Science of Sex Podcast, we’ll be talking about the “Artificial Intelligence Gaydar,” a new study finding that computer algorithms can be taught to determine sexual orientation based on face photographs with much greater accuracy than humans can.

Here are all the ways you can check it out:

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I hope you’ll listen to the episode, and let me know what you think in the comments!



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