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Fighting for Sexual Freedom 2017

What a week Kenneth Play and I had participating at Naughty in Nawlins with over 2,000 attendees! Looking back on one of our favorite events of the week, the Sexual Freedom March, we were reminded of the progress made for LGBTQIA rights. 10 years ago, we couldn’t imagine one of the most powerful corporations in the world, like Apple, having an openly gay CEO. While it’s not a perfect analogy, we’re excited to see polyamorous and kinky communities striving for some of the same rights that LGBTQIA communities worked so hard to achieve.
Diana Adams Law is an organization we admire that is doing tremendous work for not only the LGBTQIA community but for those who live alternative lifestyles as well. Their Associate Attorney, Andy Izenson, illustrates the challenges that these families or units face: “This is what families actually look like; less than half of adults in the United States today live in a nuclear family with a spouse, and yet all the legal tools that exist are set up to support that configuration alone.”
The fight is not over but due to the current political climate, we shouldn’t take for granted the progress made.
As Diana Adams herself makes clear, “Though most states now prohibit judges from using sexual orientation as a factor in family court rulings, judges are still free to cite a parent’s polyamorous or kinky proclivities—or even a willingness to have non-marital sex—as an explicit reason for handing down rulings.” For more information, check out this resource from Diana Adams Law to see how you can protect your rights:.
This is why we continue to fight for the freedom to choose how and who we love. We celebrate all forms of sexual expression from orientation to preference as long as it is not at the expense of others. We were so lucky to be a part of this march, the greater mission, and those who support it.
We want to close out with the Sexual Freedom March motto that the event was centered around:
We are marching for the right to love our partners without discrimination or persecution.
We are marching on behalf of the millions of Americans who are consensually non-monogamous.
We are marching to show everyone that we are in happy, healthy relationships.
We are marching so everyone sees that we are just like them.
We are marching against archaic laws that ban sex toys and businesses that cater to consenting adults.
We are marching for our clubs to get equal protection under the law.
We are marching so parents won’t have their kids taken away just because they have more than one lover.
We are marching against discrimination by therapists and doctors who don’t understand consensual non-monogamy.
We are marching for tolerance and acceptance for our Lifestyle.



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