Asexuals’ Fantasies, Attraction to Trans Women, Sex and Your Verbal SAT score, and more: #LegitSexScience Show – DrZhana

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Asexuals’ Fantasies, Attraction to Trans Women, Sex and Your Verbal SAT score, and more: #LegitSexScience Show

Hi everyone,

Here’s a recap of what we talked about on this week’s Legit Sex Science Show on Periscope and Facebook Live (Tuesdays, 11am-1pm New York time), with info and links to all the sex research studies and sex products we discussed. And if you’d rather watch Dr. Zhana than read here, the Periscope replay is at the bottom of this blog post! Make sure you follow Dr. Zhana on Periscope (@DrZhana) or Facebook (@ZhanaVrangalova).


What, If Anything, Do Asexuals Fantasize About?

  • Do asexuals really have no sexual attraction whatsoever? A new study with a sample of 350 asexual people and 380 sexual people sought to find out.
  • Results showed that asexuals were less likely to masturbate and have fantasies than sexual people (with asexual women reporting less of both than asexual men), but among those who DID fantasize, those fantasies were less likely to involve other people.
  • Interestingly enough, however, those fantasies were just as likely to contain kinky stuff like BD/SM and fetishes as were the fantasies of sexual people.
  • The takeaway? “Ace” people don’t fantasize as much as sexual people, but when they do, their fantasies share common (kinky!) themes with sexual people’s.

Yule, M.A., Brotto, L.A. & Gorzalka, B.B. (2016). Sexual fantasy and masturbation among asexual individuals: An in-depth exploration. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-18.


For Women, More Sex = Better Memory for Abstract Words

  • Need another reason to have sex? This sexy study with a sample of about 80 heterosexual college women can give you one: Results showed that having penile-vaginal intercourse more often is positively associated with memory scores for abstract words (though not faces).
  • So, why is more frequent sex associated with an improved memory? Well, it may have something to do with increased cell generation (neurogenesis) in the hippocampus, where memories for abstract words are stored. We don’t know yet whether the relationship is causal, but there’s definitely a correlation!
  • The takeaway? Ladies, your test prep just got a hell of a lot sexier. 😉

Maunder, L., Schoemaker, D. & Pruessner, J.C. (2016). Frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse is associated with verbal recognition performance in adult women. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-13.


More Psychological Masculinity = More Interest in Casual Sex

  • What predicts interest in casual sex, aka sociosexuality? According to a new study with a sample of about 500 male and 1,000 female heterosexual young adults, one key factor is a masculine personality, irrespective of biological sex.
  • However, psychological masculinity doesn’t predict all facets of sociosexuality:
    • The study also showed that when it comes to desire for casual sex, gender role characteristics (e.g., masculine and feminine) are less important than biological sex.
    • And when it comes to having a positive attitude toward casual sex, gender role characteristics matter to the same extent as biological sex.
  • The takeaway? For both men and women, having a more male-typical personality (being aggressive and dominant vs. nurturing and passive) is associated with certain facets of sociosexuality.

Rammsayer, T. H., Borter, N., & Troche, S. J. (2016). The effects of sex and gender-role characteristics on facets of sociosexuality in heterosexual young adults. Journal of Sex Research, 1-10.


Is Male Attraction to Trans Women with Penises a Unique Sexual Orientation?

  • Who are the men who are attracted to trans women with penises? A new study with a sample of 300 men into trans women and 200 heterosexual men sought to find out. 
  • All men completed an Internet survey regarding their sexual attraction patterns; specifically, they were asked “how attracted are you to cis (i.e., non-trans) women?” and “how attracted are you to trans women?”.)
  • Results from this survey showed that men who reported attraction to trans women were just as strongly attracted to women as were straight dudes who were not into trans women — suggesting that attraction to trans women isn’t a unique, non-straight attraction; it’s just an addition to straight attraction.
  • Furthermore, these men who were into trans women also had a very low attraction to men, though they did show slightly higher rates of  bisexuality than the straight men who weren’t into trans women.
  • The takeaway? Men who are into trans women with penises aren’t gay, and their attraction can be considered an unusual form of heterosexuality rather than a separate sexual orientation.

Rosenthal, A.M., Hsu, K.J. & Bailey, J.M. (2016). Who are gynandromorphophilic men? An internet survey of men with sexual interest in transgender women. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-10.


Sex Toys/Products Highlights

First, I highlighted the amazing work of my business partner Kenneth Play, a sex educator who teaches people practical skills. Make sure to go to and learn how to use the LELO Smart Wand and njoy pure wand in tandem, via live videos with real people. You can use these two toys together for an amazing internal and external experience!




The other toy I highlighted this week was the LELO IRIS, made by the great Swedish toy manufacturer, LELO. The IRIS is an internal and external vibrator with a variety of speeds. You can use it on your clit or in your vagina or ass, either on yourself or on a partner. It’s especially good when you want something very hard inside you, rather than the softer, squishier variety. (To each their own, right?)

Like virtually all LELO toys, the IRIS is made of high-quality silicone that is body safe and pleasant on your skin, and it’s also waterproof and rechargeable. Just make sure you use plenty of water-based (not silicone-based) lube with all your silicone toys.

Get the IRIS now at and remember to use the DRZHANA discount code for 20% off and free shipping on all your purchases! And throw in some of LELO’s water-based lube while you’re at it.




The other toy I talked about this week was the Fleshlight, a men’s masturbation toy that mimics the feel of a vagina. Fleshlights are a great masturbation option as well as a training tool for men struggling with premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation; and they’re pretty cheap (only about $70). Though, the fleshlight is made of porous material (not like the non-porous silicone that many other toys are made of), so it’s not to be shared with other partners.

Get the Fleshlight now at my favorite sex store The Pleasure Chest with free shipping (to most countries) for all orders over $75! Or if you live in NYC, LA, or Chicago, check out one of their gorgeous stores and do some in-person shopping! They also have great sex education workshops you might want to check out.


Audience Question

Is there a relationship between autism, asexuality, and transsexuality?

Yes! People who are on the autism spectrum are more likely to be asexual, and to have some level of gender dysphoria, or what you might call gender queerness.


Until next time,

Dr. Zhana




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