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Hooking Up Healthy Intensive & Social on October 9th!

I’m so pleased to report that Kenneth Play and I are back in action to teach the Hooking Up Healthy Intensive & Social on Sunday, October 9. It’ll be an all-day extravaganza with a Casual Sex Intensive during the day and lunch on the house, followed by dinner, a sexy social, and a hot tub hangout at the gorgeous Hacienda Villa. We’ve put together a comprehensive and interactive training that will help you make sense of your sexuality, find out if casual sex is right for you, and learn how to do it like a pro.

In this intensive for all genders and orientations, we’ll cover:

– Finding authenticity in casual sex
– Getting and giving pleasure
– Managing post-hookup chemical high
– Ensuring sexual health (Choosing your safer sex protocol)
– Negotiating consent
– Finding casual lovers
– Designing sustainable long-term relationships with casual sex
– Managing social stigma
– Developing long-term emotional fitness

The Intensive will be followed by a dinner, sexy social, and hot tub hangout at the gorgeous Hacienda Villa (address to be disclosed upon ticket purchase).

In the spirit of accessibility and inclusivity, all tickets are reserved on a “pay what you can” basis. There are costs associated with producing this Intensive, and we want to use the money to produce a really awesome, high-quality event, so if you have the means, please contribute what you can. Suggested donation is $35-$50.

All tickets give you seats either downstairs for the live lecture in the event space or upstairs in the rest of the house with a view of multiple wall-length HD projections of the live-stream. Seating is first come, first serve. Projection areas include outdoor deck, cuddle puddle beds, and a beautiful living room. All tickets also include the lunch, dinner, social, and hot tub hangout.

Get your tickets now! 

Hope to see you all this weekend!




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