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  • Buy Me a Vulva Puppet?

    At the 2015 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference (I know, what a great conference!) among many fascinating things, I fell in love with these vulva puppets. These are made by WondrousVulvaPuppet, a company started by Dorrie Lane in 1995 to celebrate the feminine and educate about female anatomy. They are a great gift for anyone, including parents who want help starting honest and open conversations with their kids, or sex educators like me. You can purchased them on Etsy and She Bop the Shop. And, if any of my Zhanites are feeling particularly jolly and generous, I would love one! I will

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  • Ask A Sex Educator: Reid Mihalko

    Last month, I sat down with my dear friend and fellow sex educator Reid Mihalko. We had quite the laughs and covered a lot of material. You can read the first part of our interview (about getting what you want out of sex and relationships) here. In this second installment, Reid and I answer some of my Periscope audience questions on how to have better sex! You can also watch the full length interview at the end of this blog 🙂 Me: How do you tell your partner nicely that you’re not pleased? Reid: I used to be, and still am, very

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  • The Price of Lumbersexuality

    Should women who lust after beards be careful what they wish for? A new study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior suggest that they might. Both benevolent (patronizing, worshipful) and hostile (aggressive, misogynist) sexism support male dominance in society, and prior research has shown that facial hair enhances ratings of male dominance. Given these two facts, psychologists Julian Oldmeadow (at Swinburne University of Technology) and Barnaby Dixson (at the University of Queensland, Australia), wondered if perhaps a relationship exist between sexism and facial hair? To answer this question, they assessed the facial hair status and degree of hostile, benevolent, and

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  • Interview with a Sexual Abuse Survivor Turned Thriver

    Sexual assault is often a difficult topic for many. But that’s the reason it’s so important to talk about it. I’m eternally grateful to Saigon Jovi, one of my regular Periscope viewers, for agreeing to speak with me about her sexual assault as a teenager. Interestingly, this interview with Saigon came as a result of an earlier interview I did in a previous scope with a non-offending hebephile (someone sexually attracted to early pubescent children). As she watched that interview, Saigon noted it had helped her make sense of her own experiences with her step-father. There are trigger warnings that come with

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  • Arousal Comes at a Price When You Don’t See Yourself Reflected in a Film

    What happens when women get to select the porn they watch in a research study, rather than having it pre-selected for them by researchers? The findings may surprise you. The typical porn study situation involves researchers choosing the porn videos that participants will watch. In a new study just published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers Katherine Goldey and Sari van Anders of the University of Michigan wondered whether giving people–women in this case–more freedom in the porn they get to watch would impact their sexual and emotional experience. To find out, they recruited 116 women (mostly heterosexual; mean age

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  • BDSM for All Adult Ages: An Interview with Mistress Xmas

    Merry early Mistress Xmas! In this special interview, we’ll be exploring naughtier than most mistletoe: the BDSM kind. It’s a joy to share my interview with Mistress Xmas (and her Dom) who joined me on my Periscope. Read the transcripts below and you can always watch the replay at the end of this blog (or on my Me: We’d love to know what is Mistress Xmas’ sort of specific BDSM style or preference? How did you get into it and what are some challenges you may have faced? Mistress Xmas: I was born in Canada and moved to the

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  • Are Men Attracted to Trans Women with Penises Gay?

    If you’ve ever browsed any major Internet porn site, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a search term for a person with a body type that would not have existed until recently: A typical-looking woman with a penis. (The terms used on the porn sites would likely include “shemale,” “chicks with dicks,” or “tranny”. While some trans women use these terms to identify themselves and/or find them unproblematic, many trans people consider them hurtful, insulting, and dehumanizing, due to their frequent linkage to anti-trans violence, discrimination, and objectification. So please don’t use them outside of an educational context. Use “trans” instead.) While people

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  • Yesterday’s Impulsive Tattoos Are Not Today’s Risky Behavior

    Are tattooed adults different from non-tattooed adults in terms of their impulsivity and willingness to take risks? They may have been–once upon a time when tattoos were much more risquee and fringe than they are today. But a new study published in Personality And Individual Differences found that these days they are not… or rather, not much. Psychologist Viren Swami and colleagues at the University of Westminster, London, wondered whether tattooed individuals would be more risk-taking, impulsive, and prone to boredom than their non-tattooed counterparts. If so, does more tattoos mean more risk taking and impulsivity? To find out, the

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  • STI Reality Check: Swine Flu is Worse than Chlamydia!

    A guy once told me he’d rather get hit by a car than get oral herpes. Thinking rationally, that makes absolutely no sense. A car hit can kill you or permanently injure you, affecting dramatically your quality of life. Oral herpes–the virus that causes cold sores on the lips–is something that over 60% of the U.S. population has. Aside from being annoying, itchy, and a bit painful for a few days when you have an outbreak, oral herpes really doesn’t affect your life that much. But when it comes to STIs, we’re not thinking rationally. Our fears, instilled in us by systematic and pervasive

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  • Birds & Bees Talk with Sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff

    My dear colleague, sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff, gave a guest lecture at NYU to my human sexuality class about child sexuality. I convinced her to stay an extra 20 minutes to have a chat with me (on my Periscope) about this fascinating topic. Dr. Logan is an expert on adolescence and child sexuality and I’m excited to share this with you all! (If you’d rather watch the video of our interview, scroll to the bottom of this blog 🙂 ) Me: Can you tell us who is Logan? Logan: I am a sex educator. I have a Masters and a PHD in human sexuality,

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