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  • Time Paints a Rosier Picture of First Sexual Intercourse

    Were you as enthusiastic about your first sexual intercourse as your partner was, or was one of you more excited than the other? A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research finds that the answer depends on when you’re being asked this question. Psychologist Nigel Dickson and colleagues at the University of Otago, New Zealand, wondered if memory regarding the age and circumstances of first heterosexual intercourse changes over time. They surveyed almost 1,000 participants from a single birth cohort in Dunedin, New Zealand (all children born in 1972), and asked them about their first heterosexual intercourse twice:

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  • Building Healthy Relationships: An Interview with Reid Mihalko

    What do people who love sex talk about? The ins & outs of sex, of course! I got a chance to get together recently with my dear friend and fellow sex educator Reid Mihalko (who’s awesome). We did a Q&A about how to get what you want in sex, dating, and relationships. Me: So, Reid, who are you? Reid: Part of my X-men origin story as a sex geek is in 2004 in this very apartment where we’re sitting in right now. This is where I launched an event called the Cuddle Party, an intimacy workshop about nonsexual touch and how

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  • Turned On: “Straight” Vaginas Act “Bisexually”

    What turns you on? Our sexual affinities live on a spectrum, both narrow and wide. We enjoy what we enjoy – and maybe more? In today’s sex science news, where I tell you about a new sex study that just got published, we’re going to talk about research that measured sexual arousal in men and women by taking the temperature of their genitals when watching porn. In previous studies, when men who identify as straight were shown porn, their genitals (penises) got aroused only to sexual images of women and not to images of men — what we call “gender specific or categorical

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  • Win a $50 Lingerie Gift Card from The T-Bar!

    Gents (and some ladies), have you ever bought lingerie for a woman in your life and it turned to be the wrong size or the wrong style? Ladies, have you been gifted lingerie that didn’t fit your body or personality? It sucks, right? The T-Bar is a new service promising to change this: They’ve developed a “Build Your Babe” system that will help you find the right size (even if you don’t know her exact measurements) and the right style. By using this method, the T-Bar claims, you can substantially lower your error and your partner’s dissatisfaction rates. And to kick this off,

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  • Interview with Mick Foley, Producer of UnSlut: A Documentary Film

    Last week, I helped host a screening of UnSlut: A Documentary Film, about slut-shaming, the harm that it causes, and how we can fight it. Given the topic, it was more than appropriate that the screening took place at an intentional, sex-positive, poly-friendly community in Brooklyn, the Hacienda Villa, managed by my business partner and friend, Kenneth Play. The movie was directed (and thought of) by Emily Lindin, who was herself slut-shamed in middle school and later started the UnSlut Project, sharing her middle-school diaries with the world to shed light on this issue. Midway through the kickstarter campaign to fund the

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  • Myth Busted: Open Relationships Don’t Lead to More Diseases!

    Previous studies have shown what people really think if you’re in an open relationship (where people consensually agree to have multiple other sexual partners) — that you are a cesspool of diseases! Whereas, if you were in a monogamous relationship, its a good way to stay sexually healthy. Now, new studies show that those stereotypes are not true. In this edition of Sex Science News, where I tell you about a new sex study that just got published, I will be discussing the likelihood of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) between people in non-monogamous relationships compared to those in monogamous relationships. This study was published in the Journal

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  • Life Before, During, and After Porn: Interview with Bree Olson

    Most people know Bree Olson as an ex-porn star. Lately, she’s become one of the most loved, most watched, and most followed people on Periscope, the live streaming platform quickly overtaking the world of social media. I got a chance to sit down with Bree during the Periscope Summit in NYC last month, as she was kind enough to chat with me on my Periscope channel. We had a Q&A on what life was like before porn, during porn, and after porn. It’s not as black or white as it may seem. Me: Bree, can you first tell us how you got

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  • Sex Science News: Does More Porn Equal More Sexist Attitudes?

    Make porn, not war! Porn is controversial, taboo and can get a bad rap. Today’s Sex Science News with Dr. Zhana, where I tell you about a new sex study that just got published, is about whether porn is correlated with sexist attitudes, one of the many accusations levied against porn. THE STUDY The study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, includes a nationally representative sample of 24,000 U.S. citizens ages 18 and above. The General Social Survey has been conducted every two years or so for the last few decades, and for this study they combined responses from women and men together from

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