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Here is a list of all the peer-reviewed academic journals that publish articles in the area of sexuality and which serve as the sources of the sex science news I regularly tweet about. Some journals are well-respected and I turn to them often; others less so. I am a psychologist, so I am primarily interested in the psychology of sexuality (rather than, for example, physiological, legal, or critical theory aspects of sexuality).

The number following the journal name is its impact factor for 2013, a measure of the average number of citations to recent articles published in that journal, and therefore a measure of its importance and influence in the academic world. Some journals don’t have an impact factor at all, either because they are still too new, or because they have not reached a level of influence high enough to be noticed by the “God” of impact factors, the Journal Citation Reports.

Am I missing a journal? Is a link broken? Is the impact factor wrong or outdated? Email me to let me know!

The most highly respected peer-reviewed academic journals that primarily publish sex-related social science. These are my main go-to journals:

Journal of Sexual Medicine – 3.552

Archives of Sexual Behavior – 3.525

AIDS and Behavior – 3.494

Sexually Transmitted Infections – 2.854

Journal of Sex Research – 2.532

Psychology of Women’s Quarterly – 2.115

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health – 1.679

AIDS Education and Prevention: An Interdisciplinary Journal – 1.59

Culture, Health, & Sexuality – 1.553

Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment – 1.538

Sex Roles – 1.471

Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy – 1.273

International Journal of STD and AIDS – 1.086

Well-respected peer-reviewed academic psychology journals that are not sex-focused, but sometimes publish sex-related articles. I often tweet about articles published in these journals:

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology – 5.076

Psychological Science – 4.431

Journal of Adolescent Health – 3.334

Developmental Psychology – 3.214

Journal of Youth and Adolescence – 2.717

Personality and Individual Differences – 2.313

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology – 2.313

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin – 2.217

Journal of Research on Adolescence – 1.989

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships – 1.287

Personal Relationships – 0.859

Other, not-so-highly cited and/or not so relevant academic journals that primarily publish sex-related social science. I sometimes tweet about articles published in these journals:

Sexualities – 0.935

Men and Masculinities – 0.815

Sexuality Research and Social Policy – 0.722

Sexuality and Disability – 0.717

Sexual and Relationship Therapy – 0.508

Journal of Homosexuality – 0.471

Journal of Bisexuality

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

British Journal of Sexual Medicine

Journal of Sex Education and Therapy

Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Journal of Sexual Aggression: An international, Interdisciplinary Forum for Research, Theory and Practice

Sexuality & Culture

Studies in Gender and Sexuality

International Journal of Transgenderism

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Journal of LGBT Youth

Journal of Lesbian Studies

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

American Journal of Sexuality Education

Journal of Social Work and Human Sexuality – (not in existence since 1993)

Psychology & Sexuality

Scandinavian Journal of Sexology

Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention –

Sexual Medicine

International Journal of Sexual Health (formerly known as the Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality)

Am I missing a journal? Is a link broken? Is the impact factor wrong or outdated? Email me to let me know!

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