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Sex Coaching

Most of us never got any meaningful sex education that would be helpful in crafting the sex and relationship lives that are best suitable for us. I can help remedy that. My sex consulting sessions combine the most current and accurate scientific knowledge about human sexuality with a personalized approach to the kind of sexuality that is most authentic and right for you. As such, they give you exactly the kind of information that is most relevant to your sexual behavior, desires, and values.

My sex consulting sessions are particularly well-suited for sexually adventurous individuals and couples who are concerned with or need more information about:

  • confronting slut-shaming and other forms of sexual stigma
  • giving and receiving pleasure, especially in casual hookups
  • negotiating enthusiastic consent
  • navigating sexual and reproductive health risks
  • managing unwanted attachments
  • opening up and/or designing non-traditional romantic relationships
  • understanding kinky / BDSM desires

First, we’ll do a free 20-minute consultation call to get to know each other a bit and assess how I can help you based on your needs. Then, if we both decide to proceed, we’ll schedule our first sex ed session. Sessions can be done in person, via Skype, or over the phone. It’s a great option for people who don’t live in New York City, or who are out of town and need immediate assistance.

Money Back Guarantee:

I care about your success, and I really want you to experience better, safer, more authentic, more pleasurable sex. If our work together doesn’t help to transform your sex life for the better, then I’d rather your money be directed towards other efforts that can. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Sex Ed sessions, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Price: $300/1-hr session OR $500/2-hr session

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  • NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova is New York City’s own ‘Master of Sex’.

  • I call Dr. Zhana the “archangel of sex positivity.” She’s an amazing sex educator because she has the ability to translate complex sex research in a way that’s fun and never judgmental, and in the process has made so many people–including myself–feel less shame about their sexy and slutty desires.

  • @DrZhana’s tweet stream is like falling into an actual stream. Made of brains. Instead of water

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