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Check Out Adam & Eve for (Discounted) Sexy Goodies

Check Out Adam & Eve for (Discounted) Sexy Goodies
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Check Out Adam & Eve for (Discounted) Sexy Goodies

We all want good, exciting, and safe sex lives, and that often means getting our hands on some goodies: from the condoms-and-lube basics, to sexy outfits, to sex toys and furniture. What do you need and where do you go to get what you need, especially when a local sex shop isn’t an option? This week, I’ve partnered with Adam & Eve, the largest online retailer of sex supplies, to help you with anything you might need for those sexy times. Adam & Eve has a huge selection of products, and you can order anything online, to be delivered to your doorstep in a discreet package, including 100% money back guarantee, 24/7 customer service, and 90 day no-hassle returns/exchanges.

The A&E team sent me a few items from their massive collection! To watch me unbox these toys, check out my Periscope broadcast where I share my thoughts and opinions on these products, including the new Satisfyer line, which I’m super excited to try out.

And you all know how much I care about good, safe, and fun hookups. So I put together my top five hookup essentials that I never leave the house without, and neither should you! Check them out on the Casual Sex Project, with links to the relevant A&E products.

All of the products featured in the Periscope broadcast, on the Casual Sex Project blog, and many many more can be found on the Adam & Eve website. If you’re interested in ordering any of them, use promo code “ZHANA” to save 50% OFF any one item and receive free shipping in the US & Canada. (Certain exclusions apply.)

Happy early holidays 😉



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