Amber Rose’s Comments About Bisexual Men Reveal a Common Stereotype

Last week, Amber Rose commented on her discomfort around dating bisexual men while on Dr. Chris Donaghue’s “Loveline” podcast. Is this a common sentiment among women who date men? As a matter a fact, it is. Especially when it comes to a long-term relationships. See, for example, this study.

Although, as this other study shows, unwillingness to date bisexuals is more common among those who hold more conservative political views, have greater need for social hierarchies, and believe that sexual orientation is more of an either / or kind of thing. Not sure if Amber Rose fits this description, but still…

For more about why people often hold negative attitudes toward dating bisexual men and women, check out this piece, Amber Rose’s Comment About Bisexual Men Reveal a Common Stereotype, that cites some of my writings about the research on bisexuality and nonmonogamy!

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  1. Dan

    when I am in bed with another man they love to hear about what I do with women and women love the same thing. I have been in open relationships where I have told the woman I will never be faithful and that I will cheat on her every chance I get and it really turned her on.

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