September 2015 – DrZhana

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  • How Social Power Relates to Sexual Submission & Domination

    Dust off your whips and chains because today’s Sex Science News with Dr. Zhana, where I tell you about a new sex study that just got published, is about how sexual submission and sexual domination relate to social power in men and women. This study was published in the Journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science, a well respected journal. There’s a stereotype about people who have more social power, who are in more powerful positions in their jobs or society in general, that they would be more interested in sadism and less interested in masochism. That is, in fact, often

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  • Live Sex Shows for a Living: Interview with Jasmine

    “Honey, we’re so good in bed we can get paid for it!” Ever say or think this after a breath-taking romp? A good sexcapade can inspire grand ideas. But does it really happen? Well, I got to interview my friend Jasmine, when she and her husband came to visit from out of town. They perform live sex shows for a living! So I wanted to share a little Q & A about their fascinating sex life with you all. Me: Hi Jasmine! Thank you for doing this. So, what is it that you do? How do you and your husband

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What types of relationships are Americans having? A new study on Americans’ sexual #diversity sought to find out. As part of this study, researchers asked 1,420 partnered participants to indicate whether that #relationship was—during the past year—entirely #monogamous, monogamous but sexless, supposedly monogamous, an #openrelationship; or whether they had not discussed their relationship structure. In thinking about the past year, most of the participants reported being entirely monogamous (78%). More than 1 in 10 partnered respondents were currently in monogamous but sexless relationships (12%). Additionally, 4% were supposedly monogamous, 1.6% reported being in an open relationship, 2.5% had not discussed their relationship structure, and the remaining 1.4% identified their relationship in some other way. The takeaway? Despite growing representations in mainstream media of open relationships, the vast majority Americans are still wedded (pun intended) to #monogamy.
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