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  • Premarital Sex. You’re Having It!

    This June is celebrating more than virgin brides walking down the aisle in white dresses. “Casual sex, hook-up culture, sleeping around – whatever you want to call it, premarital sex is having a moment.” I sat down with Playboy writer Zaron Burnett III recently and talked about my favorite subject (casual sex, of course!) in A Playboy Conversation with Zhana Vrangalova about Casual Sex. Does porn count as premarital sex? Along with myself and other sex researchers, Maria Konnikova from Aeon gets scientific about pornography in Pornucopia: Does too much porn numb sexual pleasure?

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  • Curious About Anal? Ever Have a Dry Orgasm?

    Dr Zhana is back at Huff Post Love & Sex Podcast for a third time! The lovely hosts and producer (Noah Michaelson, Karina Colodny, and Katelyn Bogucki) enjoyed my collaboration with the amazing Karley Sciortino on answering her readers’ questions for Slutever’s Ask a Sex Researcher, that they asked us to come to their studio and answer some of their readers’ questions. Listen to us tackle question about anal sex, sex toys, dry orgasms, Tantra, female ejaculation and more: 11 Answers To Questions About Sex You’ve Been Way Too Shy To Ask

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Is there a neural correlate to #nonmonogamy? A new study with a sample size of 10 monogamous and 10 non-monogamous men (mean age of 34) sought to find out. In this study, researchers examined participants’ brain activation in response to sexual and romantic stimuli. Results indicated that monogamous men showed more reward-related neural activity when viewing images designed to evoke the concepts of #love and #romance (including images independent of the participants’ own relationships) compared to non-monogamous men. Areas with increased activation for monogamous men were all in the right hemisphere and included the thalamus, accumbens, striatum, pallidum, insula, and orbitofrontal cortex. There were *no* significant differences between groups in activation to sexual stimuli. These results demonstrate that the neural processing of romantic images is different for monogamous and non-monogamous men, suggesting that non-monogamy is not just a random choice.
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Link to study: ow.ly/v9By30fcR4v
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Why do ppl swipe right (or left) on #tinder? #HotOrNot Via Science of Rels. ow.ly/BIyD30fcPcp ... See MoreSee Less

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